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Stainless Steel Wire Rope

The company mainly produces stainless steel wire rope, small size galvanized rope, fishing tackle rope, PVC or nylon plastic coated rope, stainless steel wire rope and so on; Main specifications are: 1×7, 1×19, 6×7, 6×19, 6×37, 7×7, 7×19, 7×37; Main material: 304, 316. Diameter is from¢0.15mm to¢50mm.

Product Details:

Surface: bright,
Length: 500m/reel,1000m/reel,1500m/reel,2000m/reel etc,
Packing: Wrapped with plywood reel then put on pallets,
Loading Port: Shanghai China
Quality Assurance: Mill Test Certificate is supplied with shipment,ISO,SGS

Product Features:

1.High dimensional accuracy, up to ±0.01mm.
2.Excellent surface quality and good brightness.
3.Strong corrosion resistance, high tensile strength and fatigue strength.
4.Stable chemical composition, pure steel, low inclusion content. The packing is in good condition and the goods are delivered on time. It has many characteristics such as high temperature resistance, good fatigue resistance, excellent breaking force, long service life and durability.

Product Parameters:

Executive standard: GB, SUS, AIS,IDIN,JIS,ASTM

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Application and After-Sales Service:

Stainless steel wire rope has excellent corrosion resistance, heat resistance, low temperature resistance, the products are widely used in chemistry, machinery, construction, shipping, fishing, mining, aviation, family, ropeway, control line, medical treatment, vehicles, shopping malls and other fields.

Production Line:

The company has import and export rights, set raw materials, melting, wire drawing, heat treatment, rope rubbing, plastic coating, stamping and other one-stop assembly line production.


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