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The 6th High-Quality High-Grade Steel Seminar


From July 7th to 9th, 2017, the 6th High-quality High-grade Steel Seminar was held in Beijing. Zhai Shixian, Chairman of our company, and Ren Chongqing, Engineer, were invited to attend the meeting.

the 6th high quality high grade steel seminar

The seminar was jointly held by the Steel Making Branch of China Metal Society, Youth Working Committee of Metal Society, and School of Metallurgy and Ecological Engineering of University of Science and Technology Beijing. The conference invited Prof. Wang Xinhua, Prof. Zhang Lifeng, Prof. Zhang Jiaquan, Prof. Guo Hanjie from University of Science and Technology Beijing, Prof. Hongbin Yin from ArcelorMittal Steel Corporation of the United States and Prof. Youn-Bar from Pohang University of Science and Technology of South Korea Professor Kang gave three days of lectures on hot issues such as control of non-metallic inclusions in steel, internal quality control of continuous casting billets, high aluminum steel, clean steel, and ESP refining production processes.

The conference has built a communication platform for experts, scholars, and technical researchers from iron and steel enterprises and scientific research institutes all over the country, which has improved everyone’s theoretical level and has great significance for promoting the production of high-quality steel.

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